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Friday, April 16, 2010

Young Love...

Chloe has a best friend named Gaven. He belongs to my best friend, CJ. Chloe & Gaven play so well together and they just love each other. Yesterday, I went to Newport News and picked up CJ & Gaven so they could see Chloe cheer and so the kids could play together. We took them to the park for a little while and then met Greg at the cheer gym when he got off work. Then we took Chloe & Gaven to the ocean front to play in the sand. It was Gaven's first time ever coming to the ocean front. He was soooo excited and it was hilarious watching him & Chloe chase each other all over the beach. Then we took the kids for a long walk and then to IHOP for dinner...the kids ate free! Gotta luv IHOP! I caught a super cute pic of them walking down the strip...

Chloe has told me that she is going to be so sad when we move to South Carolina in a couple of months. She doesn't want to leave cheer or her friends that she has made here. She has made so many...Gaven, Vanna, Hailee B, Ally, Leah, Jenna, Emma, Abby, Chiara, Azaria, and oh so many more. But she knows that God will give her new friends once we move and she'll be starting kindergarten so she'll make lots of new friends there, I am sure!

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