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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Elite All American Miss

We had Elite All American Miss today!! Chloe did better than what we asked her today which was just to "Rock the Stage"...according to Chloe she "Rocked that stage right (add southern NC twang here) out of that pageant"!
Chloe was absolutely beautiful in her dress (which she is anyways) and her hair was perfect!
Chloe won Casual Wear for the 3-4 year old age group as well as placed 1st Runner Up. Then to our surprise, she was also called on stage for *Surprise* 0-6 year old OVERALL Casual Wear! We are ecstatic as this is her 1st Overall win!

This Chloe all dressed up before Beauty!

The back of Chloe's dress

Chloe in the 3-4 age group line-up

Chloe on stage during Beauty

Chloe in her Casual Wear

Chloe on stage wowing the judges with her personality...She has a very big personality!

Showing the judges the back of her outfit

Chloe on stage during crowning...She placed 1st Runner Up in Beauty and won 3-4 year old Casual Wear

The big shocker...Chloe won 0-6 year old OVERALL Casual Wear

Chloe with all of her winnings after we got home!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Balloon Release In Remembrance of Baby Kayleigh

Yesterday, my sister and I also released balloons at 4pm for Kayleigh Anne Freeman. I followed her story on blogger for just a little while. At just 10 months old, she went home to be with Jesus on May 11th, 2009. Her family asked that we release pink balloons in her memory at 4pm yesterday.

This is the inside of the card that my sister and I attached to the balloon.

This is the outside of the card that was attached to the balloon.

Here are the balloons being released

Rest In Peace Sweet Baby Kayleigh

Eli's Baby Dedication

Yesterday, My Eli was dedicated at Forest Hill Baptist Church in Skippers, VA. He was his happy little go lucky self! There was also the luncheon for Pastor and Mrs. Corson. So much fun! Here are a few pics:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Lazy Day!

Today, we had a sort of lazy day. We were supposed to go to the Chesapeake Jubilee. We left the apartment about 6:30pm and headed to Chesapeake. On the way there, with the sun shining bright, it started pouring. God blessed us with a beautiful double rainbow. I took a ton of pics!

Our Double Rainbow

We got to the Jubilee and then we realized we not only forgot Chloe's sash and crown (she was representing one of the pageant systems that she competes in), but we forgot the double stroller. So we turned around and went home. We decided to go to the beach instead!
We went for a walk on the boardwalk, went to the pier, got some icecream and then we went and saw a live jazz band at the oceanfront. I got to take a ton of pics of my husband dancing with our daughter. My daughter made a new friend, Ms. Stella, who wants to do Chloe's hair. My husband surprised me and danced with me to a beautiful jazz version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". So romantic! God has just blessed me with sooo much, especially my 3 beautiful children and such a wonderful husband! What a way to end a week!

My Girl

Chloe~ Tiny Miss Va Starlight 2009

Dance With Cinderella


Chloe and Noah

Eli slept the entire time we were at the beach

God Bless!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Ramblings About Me, Becky

1. I have been saved since I was 17 years old, though, I grew up in a Christian home.

2. I was previously married to Leon Passariello for almost 3 years. Our divorce finalized on November 12th, 2004.

3. I am a Domestic Abuse Survivor. I am very strong because of it!

4. I still talk to my ex-sister-in-law Lena, still a sweetheart and I still love her!

5. My favorite color is pink.

6. I desperately want to go back to college and finish my degree in Nursing...only 3 semesters left to go.

7. I met my husband, Greg, when I was 18. We dated briefly...then I tried to hook him up with my younger sister, Amy!

8. I used to play the piano...I want to get another keyboard, there are a few songs that I want to tackle!!

9. I miss singing! I am hoping to get back into it, maybe start competing again!!

10.I love myself, but I miss my pre-Chloe body!

11.I have absolutely no willpower.

12.My husband is my moon and my children are my stars (hence the star tattoos on my wrist).

13.I love tattoos and piercings...I have 7 tattoos (3 on each wrist, and 1 on my back) and 5 piercings (tongue, nose, and ears).

14.I hate confrontation...I am a bit of a pacifist.

15.I am a semi-crunchy mama...I cloth diaper (most of the time), wear my boys on my back, former cosleeper (all my kids decided they wanted their own beds!), support breastfeeding, make my own detergent (sometimes), and we use reusable shopping bags.

16.I love to sew...when I am not so tired, I'm about to drop!

17.I love to make bows and wish that I could get alot more people to buy them!

18.I Love, Love, Love music and I would love to sing with Rob Pattinson! He has the most soulful voice for a dude!

19.I miss my Pop.

20.I hope I can be half the wife, mother, and woman that my Grandma is.

21.I am a total Daddy's Girl.

22.I miss my Momma and wish she lived closer.

23.I pray for a miracle for my Aunt Barbara. She has terminal Brain Cancer.

Hmmm....I think this is enough about me...I probably just bored you to sleep!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Tomorrow is the Chesapeake Jubliee and we really want to go, but...It's pouring down rain! Yucky!
This weekend is going to be crazy anyways...Sunday we are going to Emporia since Eli is getting dedicated by Pastor Corson. Then we are going to eat lunch at the church and then Chloe and I are leaving at 1:30 to head to Purdy to go to my childhood friend, Tammy's, baby shower that starts at 2! Crazy weekend!
I am not feeling too hot today so Chloe skipped dance class and my house is a mess! I am supposed to be meeting a mom today to set up a babysitting arrangement but I haven't heard from her. I need to cancel anyways and set up another day. We have snot germs around here!

First Trip to the Va Beach Oceanfront this season!

Last Friday, Greg and I, took the kids to the beach. It was Eli's first time going and boy, was it an experience! Chloe got her bathing suit wet and being the perfectionist that she is, proceeded to take her bathing suit bottom off because she though she had had an accident! We then had to convince her that it was from the water and that it was illegal to run around naked in public! She eventually listened after 2 surfers got a laugh at 2 adults running around after a bottomless 3 year old. Noah didn't like the water either and Eli laughed until a big wave hit him in the face, then he just chilled on my "Edward from Twilight" throw!

Noot at the beach

Chloe playing in the sand

Eli's First Time at the beach



Noah and I

Greg and I

My Beautiful Virginia Beach

God Bless,

Happy Late Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was Fantastic!! My wonderful husband and beautiful children are amazing! They gave me wonderful camera that I had been wanting, a Willow Tree figurine, and PSP Ultimage...and my favorite thing, my beautiful picture that my Chloe colored for me. I seriously need to take a pic of it! We went to visit my Nannie Annie and my Poppy who are in the Nursing Home, then we went to visit my Mimi, and then to Lawrenceville to my dad and Stepmom's. Dad cooked me my favorite food ever...HIS Barbeque Chicken on the grill! Thanks Dad!

Poppie (he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about year or so ago) playing with Chloe and Neal

Chloe and Nannie Annie...Chloe and I made her a crown that says "Queen Nany"

Sweetest Pic...Poppie and Eli

Noot and Dad on the Harley

This pic makes me tear up a little...Chloe and my Dad...It looks just like a pic that I have of me and my dad on his old Kawasaki bike when I was her age!

Chloe and her Uncle Jesse cooking!

Eli...Mommy's Lil Rockstar

Photo I took of one of my Mimi's Iris' that bloomed on Mother's Day

God Bless,

Walk For Life 2009

On May 2nd, my family and I walked with my friends, Karen and Sierra, Courtney and Jeremiah, and Amber and Jordan at the Walk For Life 2009 at the Norfolk Zoo. The money went to the Pregnancy Crisis Center of Tidewater. We had a blast!! I am so glad that the Lord has placed these wonderful women and their children in my life! It is so nice to be able to hang out with people who have Christ as the center of their lives!

This pic says it all!!

What Life Is All About!!

Noot...he liked the giraffes!

Eli's First Trip to the Zoo


Daddy and Chloe

Noot's 2nd Birthday Party

My little guy, Noah (Noot), turned 2 on April 25th but we had his birthday party on April 18th. We had a Cars themed party and then took him to The Jumpin' Monkey!!

Daddy and Noot blowing out his candle

Disney Cars Cupcakes

My Noot and his new favorite toy!

God Bless,

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chloe's Results From the America's Classic Miss pageant

I am playing catch up tonight as you can tell!

Chloe competed in America's Classic Miss on April 26th. My baby girl won Photogenic, Best Hair, Best Smile, Best Beachwear, and Best Formal Wear. She competed against a 5 year old and went onstage by herself for all events! Though she didn't win her group, she ROCKED it! We are going to be taking a little break for a month or so...I am a host mom for a pageant coming to Va Beach and I am pushing for a July date!!

Here are some pics!! Enjoy!!
This one's a little fuzzy but this is my girl in Casual Wear (I made her bows:)!!)

This is my girl in Western Wear (Made by my Grandmother!)

Chloe in her Beachwear (I made the bows for this outfit too!!:))

My Cutie in her Formal Wear on stage by herself!