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Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Ramblings About Me, Becky

1. I have been saved since I was 17 years old, though, I grew up in a Christian home.

2. I was previously married to Leon Passariello for almost 3 years. Our divorce finalized on November 12th, 2004.

3. I am a Domestic Abuse Survivor. I am very strong because of it!

4. I still talk to my ex-sister-in-law Lena, still a sweetheart and I still love her!

5. My favorite color is pink.

6. I desperately want to go back to college and finish my degree in Nursing...only 3 semesters left to go.

7. I met my husband, Greg, when I was 18. We dated briefly...then I tried to hook him up with my younger sister, Amy!

8. I used to play the piano...I want to get another keyboard, there are a few songs that I want to tackle!!

9. I miss singing! I am hoping to get back into it, maybe start competing again!!

10.I love myself, but I miss my pre-Chloe body!

11.I have absolutely no willpower.

12.My husband is my moon and my children are my stars (hence the star tattoos on my wrist).

13.I love tattoos and piercings...I have 7 tattoos (3 on each wrist, and 1 on my back) and 5 piercings (tongue, nose, and ears).

14.I hate confrontation...I am a bit of a pacifist.

15.I am a semi-crunchy mama...I cloth diaper (most of the time), wear my boys on my back, former cosleeper (all my kids decided they wanted their own beds!), support breastfeeding, make my own detergent (sometimes), and we use reusable shopping bags.

16.I love to sew...when I am not so tired, I'm about to drop!

17.I love to make bows and wish that I could get alot more people to buy them!

18.I Love, Love, Love music and I would love to sing with Rob Pattinson! He has the most soulful voice for a dude!

19.I miss my Pop.

20.I hope I can be half the wife, mother, and woman that my Grandma is.

21.I am a total Daddy's Girl.

22.I miss my Momma and wish she lived closer.

23.I pray for a miracle for my Aunt Barbara. She has terminal Brain Cancer.

Hmmm....I think this is enough about me...I probably just bored you to sleep!

1 comment:

  1. You sound so interesting! You can't put Christians in a box and say they must be this way or that. God loves variety and it makes life fun.