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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Christmas Season is upon us!

I love Christmas...I love my tree, reminiscing over each and every ornament, putting up the Christmas decorations, the scents and smells, lights, and all of the fellowship!
I have sent out about 100 cards this year already and I have another list to do! The kids gifts have been bought, wrapped, and are under the tree. I do have to buy for my niece and nephews. The adults are getting a goodie bag with homemade goodies in them.
I'll be back to add pictures!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

VA State Cheer & Dance Championships

On November 7th & 8th, Tootie & I headed up to Richmond, VA for the VA State Cheer & Dance Championships. We had so much fun!! I met some new people, Chloe made lots of new friends!! She behaved most of the time and I was sooo proud of her! The Sparklers competed against a set score, which basically means that they had noone to compete against so they gave them a score to beat to win, and our Sparklers beat the score!

Tootie's 1st Cheer Competition

Tootie competes in competitive cheerleading with the Extreme Supreme Cheer & Dance. She is on the Sparklers, and they compete in the Tiny Tots Rec Division. Our first competition was the Virginia Beach Championships on October 24th in Norfolk, VA. We had sooo much fun! All of us parents got out there and cheered for our kids, which ultimately won our gym "The Most Spirited Fans" Award! All of our divisions won 1st place!! Woo Hoo! Gooo Supreme! SU-PR-EME!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday Parties...

I forgot to post about Eli & Chloe's joint birthday party...what a bad blogger mommy I am!!

We decided to throw Chloe and Eli a joint birthday party this year on August 23rd. Eli turned 1 on August 1st, and Chloe turned 4 on August 24th. We decided to go with a John Deere theme because Eli and Chloe both love tractors and hey, I did grow up being a country girl but turned into a suburban pageant/dance/cheer mommy once I had the first child, Chloe! We all know, every country girl must fall in love with tractors! It's just a silent rule! Chloe was a country girl, the first 11 months of her life, but now she's the classic Navy brat who has fallen in love with the idea of flying Navy jets when she grows up. This is due to the fact that we live right down the street from the Oceana air base and has seen jets since she was 11 months old!

We decided to give the party at my home church, Forest Hill Baptist Church (very well known for running off good preachers due to the preachers not kissing the right booties and between my sister, Amy and I, we are the only 1's who dare speak of this!!), in the brand new fellowship hall. I chose the colors of green and yellow since no one in the big city of Virginia Beach, dares carry anything with John Deere.

My sister, Amy, showed up with pink and black plates, napkins and a pink table cloth because she felt that Chloe should get her pink and black! My grandmother baked Chloe's cupcakes and Eli's cake and I decorated them!
Chloe's "boyfriend", Mr. Kurt, showed up, which just tickled her to pieces! Kurt is a wonderful role model for teens in the church and a good friend of my sister's. Somehow, my daughter became very smitten with him at camp when she asked him "Hey Mr. Kurt, Can I check out the inside of your truck?" He then let her play with his stereo system!

So anywho, the party went great! It's the only time that all of my siblings and I have been together under 1 roof besides Christmas! Chloe got to hang out with all of her favorite cousins...Brianna, William, Neal, and Haley.

Eli had him a good time eating cake and crawling all over the place!

We had approx. 60 balloons blown up with helium and after the party was over, we took all the kids outside and let them make a wish and release the balloons.

My dad and momma Sherry got bored and decided to blow up a trash bag of helium just to see if it would did!
Myspace actually deleted 1 of the pictures of the trashbag in the sky because someone reported it as a picture of prophylactic protection (hope you get it!).

Both my kids got lots of gifts...thanks for the clothes, toys, and books!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Emporia-Greensville Peanut Pageant

On September 5th, Chloe competed in the annual Emporia-Greensville Peanut Pageant in Emporia, VA. I competed as a little girl in this pageant almost every year from the age of 4, with my last pageant being when I was 17. I never won...the closest I came to winning was 2nd runner up!
This was Chloe's 2nd time competing in this pageant and though we didn't like the way the pageant was run the 1st time around, we decided to give it a 2nd chance!
Tootie placed 1st Runner Up in Beauty and 1st Runner Up in Talent.
We are super proud of her since this was her first time competing in talent and she brought it for beauty but I will never again, subject my daughter to the treatment that she received, not only by the little girl that bullied her, but by the pageant director and emcee. The emcee refused to recognize Chloe as the 1st Runner Up for Talent and even after corrected, still refused. Can you imagine the hurt on my 4 year old's face?
Thanks to the lady that was there for the newspaper, who made sure my daughter received the recognition that she deserved when she put Chloe's picture on the front page of the newspaper with caption to the tune of "Chloe won the hearts of every one with her tap dance to "Lollipop"". Thanks Ms Welsh!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Camp Kehukee

I got the privilege of being invited to help my sister with camp this year. Camp Kehukee is very near and dear to my heart. I have been going to this camp since the 5th grade. My sister, Amy, was the director this year!! So Eli, Alicia (the little girl that I watch), and I headed up to camp on August 16th and stayed until August 22nd.
We spent our days fishing, playing, swimming, and most importantly learning about "Extreme Faith". We watched the movie "Facing The Giants" (I have another new fave movie!!). I learned alot about myself and I learned that I love working with teens and preteens. The kids were such a blessing and there was not a dull moment! Part of the Bible Study was learning how to praise God no matter what happens in life. I am struggling with that but I'll get better!!

Extreme Supreme Cheer & Dance

Competitive Cheerleading season is upon us!! Chloe is cheering with the Kempsville Supreme Allstars this year. She is on their Sparklers (Tiny Tots) squad. Last year, the Sparklers were the National Champs so let's wish them all the luck and send all the prayers that we can as they start competitions next month!!

Woot Woot I got an award!

So I have been a super bad Mommy Blogger and not blogging like I am suppose to. I logged in today and found out that I not only had 1 but 2 awards!! Woot Woot!!

Thanks to Heather over at Adventures Across A Sea Of Blue , I got a Love Ya Award!

This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

I also got a "One Lovely Blog" award from Kels over at Little Ladybugs Boutique !! Thanks!!

There are some rules that come with receiving One Lovely Blog Award.

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So here are 15 blogs that I like to read!!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Praising Our Jesus

Chloe is such a wonderful little girl...and she loves her Jesus with a love most adults don't understand.
We started to read to her every night before she goes to bed. Her dad got her this book by Sheila Walsh that has the Bible stories for Princesses and then a devotion afterwards. We finished that book about 2 weeks ago and now we are reading The Veggie Tales devotions with her.
Noah and Eli don't really understand what we read them yet but we do take them to church.
Greg and I want to raise our children with enough faith in God, that no matter what life throws at them, they will not falter.

My precious girl getting ready to go to church

Eli, ready to go!

Noah, He was a little upset that I put his backpack on him!

Bradley Family Reunion~ June 28th, 2009

We had our family reunion for the Bradley side of family on June 28th, 2009. I have attended this family reunion almost every year since birth and now I get to take my children!
Such an exciting time and I feel so very blessed that the Lord has blessed with such wonderful and close family!
Here are a few pics...

Me & My 2 Favorite Girls

Eli enjoying his food

My Noah, and My cousin, Noah, playing in the dirt!

My Sister-Amy, Me, My Brother-David, My Stepmomma and My Daddy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chloe's 1st Movie...Hannah Montana

I took Chloe to see Hannah Montana on May 29th...her very first movie in a theater experience! She thought that it was the coolest thing ever. We went to an early afternoon movie so there was noone in the theater. The theater workers let Chloe dance in the aisles! Afterwards, we went shopping at Pembroke Mall and then we had to hurry home since Chloe had cheer.
Here are a few pics of my girl!

Chloe ready to go see Hannah Montana

Chloe in front of the theater

Strike a pose

My sweetie in front of the Hannah Montana movie poster at Pembroke Mall

After the movie, she decided she wanted to drive fast cars and...

then she got a massage in one of the massage chairs!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Zoo Tales at the Norfolk Zoo

I am part of a wonderful Christian Mommy meet up group. About a week or so ago, I met up with 2 of the mommies, Lettie & Linda, and their children, and we took the kids to Zoo Tales at the Norfolk Zoo! So much fun! The kids got to pet a chicken and a bunny. We also took them to the Reptile House and to see the monkeys and the farm animals. I <3 the zoo! Then Chloe, Noah, Bridget and Zach all ran through the fountains! How fun!!

Eli playing at zoo tales

Noah playing in the fountains

Chloe looking at the bunny at Zoo Tales

Chloe playing in the fountains

Pungo Strawberry Festival

Greg and I took the kids to the Pungo Strawberry Festival in May. I didn't get a chance to post the pics since we had a death in the family.
This year we did enjoy it since I wasn't 7 1/2 months pregnant in HOT May Virginia Beach weather. We got to see a Flag Retirement Ceremony, which was very dear to my heart. I am a Navy wife and things like that make me tear up because my husband is one of the many who is dedicated and gives his time to defend our country. While I was there, I saw 3 Sailors dressed in their desert camo uniforms (yes, sailors wear those too), and it was just a beautiful site to see them salute the very flag that they fight for as it was burned and given a military funeral.
Once an American flag is falling apart and are no longer able to be flown, it is supposed to be given a military funeral and then burned...the only time that an American flag should be burned.
Also very educational for the kiddos.
Chloe was excited because she got to see cloggers and I thinks she wants to do it but she already does tap, ballet, cheerleading, and pageants...not enough time in our schedule!
The boys enjoyed it too!

Chloe and Noah dancing to bluegrass music

Chloe~Tiny Miss Virginia Starlight

Chloe representing another pageant~ 2008/09 Tiny Miss North Carolina All-American

Chloe watching the Bluegrass band

My Big Boy, Noah

Eli, chillin' out at the Strawberry Festival

The American Flags being retired

The American Flags being given a Military funeral

US Sailors at the Flag Retirement Ceremony