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Friday, October 2, 2009

Emporia-Greensville Peanut Pageant

On September 5th, Chloe competed in the annual Emporia-Greensville Peanut Pageant in Emporia, VA. I competed as a little girl in this pageant almost every year from the age of 4, with my last pageant being when I was 17. I never won...the closest I came to winning was 2nd runner up!
This was Chloe's 2nd time competing in this pageant and though we didn't like the way the pageant was run the 1st time around, we decided to give it a 2nd chance!
Tootie placed 1st Runner Up in Beauty and 1st Runner Up in Talent.
We are super proud of her since this was her first time competing in talent and she brought it for beauty but I will never again, subject my daughter to the treatment that she received, not only by the little girl that bullied her, but by the pageant director and emcee. The emcee refused to recognize Chloe as the 1st Runner Up for Talent and even after corrected, still refused. Can you imagine the hurt on my 4 year old's face?
Thanks to the lady that was there for the newspaper, who made sure my daughter received the recognition that she deserved when she put Chloe's picture on the front page of the newspaper with caption to the tune of "Chloe won the hearts of every one with her tap dance to "Lollipop"". Thanks Ms Welsh!

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