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Monday, September 7, 2009

Camp Kehukee

I got the privilege of being invited to help my sister with camp this year. Camp Kehukee is very near and dear to my heart. I have been going to this camp since the 5th grade. My sister, Amy, was the director this year!! So Eli, Alicia (the little girl that I watch), and I headed up to camp on August 16th and stayed until August 22nd.
We spent our days fishing, playing, swimming, and most importantly learning about "Extreme Faith". We watched the movie "Facing The Giants" (I have another new fave movie!!). I learned alot about myself and I learned that I love working with teens and preteens. The kids were such a blessing and there was not a dull moment! Part of the Bible Study was learning how to praise God no matter what happens in life. I am struggling with that but I'll get better!!

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  1. Hey, Its been a while since I visited. I wanted to stop by to say Hi! I am really enjoying your music player and it was just needed to lift my spirits today. It always amazes me how focusing my attention on God and the love he has for us erases all remnants of sadness and self-pity I may be feeling. Have a beautiful day!