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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chloe's 1st Movie...Hannah Montana

I took Chloe to see Hannah Montana on May 29th...her very first movie in a theater experience! She thought that it was the coolest thing ever. We went to an early afternoon movie so there was noone in the theater. The theater workers let Chloe dance in the aisles! Afterwards, we went shopping at Pembroke Mall and then we had to hurry home since Chloe had cheer.
Here are a few pics of my girl!

Chloe ready to go see Hannah Montana

Chloe in front of the theater

Strike a pose

My sweetie in front of the Hannah Montana movie poster at Pembroke Mall

After the movie, she decided she wanted to drive fast cars and...

then she got a massage in one of the massage chairs!

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