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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pungo Strawberry Festival

Greg and I took the kids to the Pungo Strawberry Festival in May. I didn't get a chance to post the pics since we had a death in the family.
This year we did enjoy it since I wasn't 7 1/2 months pregnant in HOT May Virginia Beach weather. We got to see a Flag Retirement Ceremony, which was very dear to my heart. I am a Navy wife and things like that make me tear up because my husband is one of the many who is dedicated and gives his time to defend our country. While I was there, I saw 3 Sailors dressed in their desert camo uniforms (yes, sailors wear those too), and it was just a beautiful site to see them salute the very flag that they fight for as it was burned and given a military funeral.
Once an American flag is falling apart and are no longer able to be flown, it is supposed to be given a military funeral and then burned...the only time that an American flag should be burned.
Also very educational for the kiddos.
Chloe was excited because she got to see cloggers and I thinks she wants to do it but she already does tap, ballet, cheerleading, and pageants...not enough time in our schedule!
The boys enjoyed it too!

Chloe and Noah dancing to bluegrass music

Chloe~Tiny Miss Virginia Starlight

Chloe representing another pageant~ 2008/09 Tiny Miss North Carolina All-American

Chloe watching the Bluegrass band

My Big Boy, Noah

Eli, chillin' out at the Strawberry Festival

The American Flags being retired

The American Flags being given a Military funeral

US Sailors at the Flag Retirement Ceremony

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