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Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Late Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was Fantastic!! My wonderful husband and beautiful children are amazing! They gave me wonderful camera that I had been wanting, a Willow Tree figurine, and PSP Ultimage...and my favorite thing, my beautiful picture that my Chloe colored for me. I seriously need to take a pic of it! We went to visit my Nannie Annie and my Poppy who are in the Nursing Home, then we went to visit my Mimi, and then to Lawrenceville to my dad and Stepmom's. Dad cooked me my favorite food ever...HIS Barbeque Chicken on the grill! Thanks Dad!

Poppie (he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about year or so ago) playing with Chloe and Neal

Chloe and Nannie Annie...Chloe and I made her a crown that says "Queen Nany"

Sweetest Pic...Poppie and Eli

Noot and Dad on the Harley

This pic makes me tear up a little...Chloe and my Dad...It looks just like a pic that I have of me and my dad on his old Kawasaki bike when I was her age!

Chloe and her Uncle Jesse cooking!

Eli...Mommy's Lil Rockstar

Photo I took of one of my Mimi's Iris' that bloomed on Mother's Day

God Bless,

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