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Friday, May 15, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Tomorrow is the Chesapeake Jubliee and we really want to go, but...It's pouring down rain! Yucky!
This weekend is going to be crazy anyways...Sunday we are going to Emporia since Eli is getting dedicated by Pastor Corson. Then we are going to eat lunch at the church and then Chloe and I are leaving at 1:30 to head to Purdy to go to my childhood friend, Tammy's, baby shower that starts at 2! Crazy weekend!
I am not feeling too hot today so Chloe skipped dance class and my house is a mess! I am supposed to be meeting a mom today to set up a babysitting arrangement but I haven't heard from her. I need to cancel anyways and set up another day. We have snot germs around here!

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