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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wow...Lots of Catching Up To Do!!

Please keep the family of Kayleigh Anne Freemon in your prayers.

This beautiful 10 month old lost her fight here on earth on May 11th, one day after Mother's Day. She was born premature and had alot of complications. As I read her story and read her blog, tears poured down my cheeks.
It caused me to look at my own life and realize how much I discard in my daily happenings with my kids. Not paying attention to the small things...Chloe wanting me to tickle her toes and do "this little piggy", Noot wanting me to play pat-a-cake with him, Eli wanting me to just hold him while he's teething, and me being too busy with housework or on the computer, telling them "not right now". I have realized that the mess can wait until after bedtime and my kids are way more important than a piece of technology. They won't be so little for long.
I just picked Li-Li up and held him for a minute and just looked at his chubby little face while his sleepy little eyelids opened and closed. Chloe is sleeping in her bed on top of her Strawberry Shortcake comforter with her green blanket kicked off as usual. I haven't checked on my Noot yet but I will before I go to bed. I will make sure to kiss their little cheeks and whisper in their sweet little ears "I love you".
Please keep Little Kayleigh's family in your prayers as they remember their sweet little angel.
A balloon release will be held on Sunday, May 17th at 4pm EST. If you go to their blog, it will tell you more.
God Bless!

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