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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The results of Chloe's pageant this past Sunday!!

This past Sunday, Chloe competed in the Miss Spirit of Hampton Roads pageant! It is supposed to be a natural pageant with clear directions to wear Sunday best. The toddlers and wee divisions were only supposed to compete in photogenic and beauty.
Chloe woke up excited because she loves to be on stage. I overslept which meant that Chloe pretty much went with the curls that God gave her with the exception that I was able to calm some of the out of place ringlets down with hairspray and the curling iron!
Chloe wore her blue and white dress which is sooo pretty for a natural dress. We got there just in the nick of time as Greg and I were running late, which is normal for us....two young adults and 3 kids, under the age of 3...yep, that's normal!
So we got registered and Chloe and I went on back to the dressing room to get her dressed. The dress had been hanging in the closet since last year when I bought it and it was too big eventhough it's a size 2t and Chloe is now almost into a size 4t and it's still wayyy big!
So anywho, she was absolutely stunning! When it was finally her turn to go on stage, I went to walk out with her, and what does she do? Have a mini-meltdown onstage because she didn't want me to go out with her! She starts jumping up and down on stage and telling me "Mommy, get off the stage! I told you, I am doing this by myself!" The judges and the audience were cracking up at my precious little girl...but what can I say? I was cracking up too!
I knew she wasn't going to win because of her meltdown but I was still beside myself with the joy that I felt in my heart watching my little girl go out there by herself! She was so brave! Alot more brave, than I am, even today!
She ended up winning photogenic and placing 2nd runner up!
God has truly blessed me with this beautiful little girl that makes my heart melt everytime she smiles at me!

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  1. How adorable! What a cute little girl! Congratulations on her awards! :)