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Monday, March 30, 2009

The Craziness of Today!

I kept Michael for Ash and Pete last night since I knew they needed some rest and some "couple time". Michael is such a wonderful child, awesome little guy! He slept all night with the exception of getting up once for a bottle but other than that he conked out! Greg and I had a little spat this morning but what couple doesn't? I don't use plastic bags, I use the reusable bags when I go grocery shopping. Greg had put a bunch of plastic walmart bags on top of the fridge, which drives me nuts because I can't stand clutter. Well, when I was cleaning yesterday, I threw them away, thinking that noone used them....well, apparently he does! So, needless to say he went to work in a bad mood. I have talked to him since then though and I guess it was just a big misunderstanding.I ended up not going to the playdate...Ash and Pete had some things that they needed to get done. We live in an enclosed building and when Ash came to pick up Michael, Chloe just opened the door and let the dog out...No big deal, right?  WRONG! Ash was going to walk him for me since I had 4 kids up here. Before she could get down there, the dog opened the door and escaped! He jumped up on the window and hit the latch that opens the door! So Ash stayed up here with the babies and I took off after my dog! Edward thought it was time to play and made me chase him for 30 minutes while he peed in various places! The good thing was that at least he pooped in the woods so I didn't have to pick it up! One of my nice neighbors on the other side of the apartment complex came out and helped me catch him. He came right up to her and sat down at her feet like "I'm done playing now, can I go home?" Big Stinker! But I love my dog and he just needed to run for a little bit. I was just really worried that he would run into the neighboring complex or out on to Va Beach Blvd which is very busy! I told Greg that I was not chasing after him if he got lose, boy was I wrong! I guess that proves how much I love my old boy! My heart was beating so fast as I thought about all of the horrible things that could happen to him! He's asleep by my feet now...I Now, we are just resting at home. I have to run to the bank in a little while so the kids are resting and taking naps. I need to finish up my chores for the day. Greg has duty and won't be off of work until 5pm, which with Hampton Roads traffic means he could get caught in it. I hope he gets home early enough because I have Bible Study tonight at my friend, Karen's house with my Moms4Christ meetup group. I haven't been able to go the last 3 times due to me being sick or one of the kids being sick, and I really need some Christian fellowship with my girls! Wednesday is the start of another Bible Study that I have been wanting to take...Fireproof! The Bible Study that goes to the movie and book! So Greg and I are both excited about that! Chloe will be starting Awanabees and she can't wait! The boys will be in the nursery...I think Noah will be starting Awanabees here shortly since he'll be turning 2 on April 25th.

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