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Monday, March 30, 2009

Chloe's Upcoming Pageants!!

Chloe has 2 upcoming pageants and she is uber excited!! She will be competing at the Miss Spirit of Hampton Roads pageant on April 5th and America's Classic Miss on April 26th. Both are natural pageants and AMC is going to be the biggest pageant that Chloe has ever done. She will be doing party dress (f0rmal), western wear (my grandmother handmade it and it is adorable), swimsuit (1 piece, and it has a little skirt), portofolio and photogenic. These may be the last 2 pageants for a while though, at least until August. She really wants to concentrate on her dance a little more and she is asking to do competitive cheerleading so we are checking in to that. Some of her little friends do it and love it!
Chloe is such a little blessing...I am babysitting my friend's little boy tonight since her husband just came off deployment. I was watching Michael and Eli play on the floor and Michael is only 1 month younger than Eli. Chloe came and sat down beside me and said "I love you Mommy!" and then she held my hand. I just looked at her and I could remember just 3 short years ago, she was their age, just rolling around in the floor. She is growing up so fast. I love her with every piece of my being. She, along with Noah and Eli, are my world.
I can't believe that just 3 1/2 years ago, I had her, and Greg and I were planning our wedding. We hadn't even thought of the boys yet.
Now, as I look at them, there isn't one single thing I would change.
God really knew what he was doing and I am so happy that He in all of his greatness, allowed me to have these 3 wonderful, beautiful little blessings. I would not trade anything for them!
I love being a stay at home mom and I don't think I would have it any other way. Sometimes I do miss working but then I couldn't be home to see them do all of their firsts.
Well, I am closing now...time to go to bed. The kids and I are taking Ash and Michael to a little meetup in the morning!

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