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Friday, May 15, 2009

First Trip to the Va Beach Oceanfront this season!

Last Friday, Greg and I, took the kids to the beach. It was Eli's first time going and boy, was it an experience! Chloe got her bathing suit wet and being the perfectionist that she is, proceeded to take her bathing suit bottom off because she though she had had an accident! We then had to convince her that it was from the water and that it was illegal to run around naked in public! She eventually listened after 2 surfers got a laugh at 2 adults running around after a bottomless 3 year old. Noah didn't like the water either and Eli laughed until a big wave hit him in the face, then he just chilled on my "Edward from Twilight" throw!

Noot at the beach

Chloe playing in the sand

Eli's First Time at the beach



Noah and I

Greg and I

My Beautiful Virginia Beach

God Bless,

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