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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cloth Diapers & Fluffy Butts, Oh My!

I cloth diaper my boys. I would have cloth diapered Chloe if I had known about them when she was a baby. I just love the softness of a Goodmama fitted and the smiles they put on my boys faces when they wear one. My boys also wear Motherease, GMD prefolds, Bumgenius, Wiggle Worm Bottoms, and a bunch more. They prefer the softness of the cloth compared to the harshness of disposable dipes. Plus, they are so much better for the environment. Disposables take years & years to decompose while with cloth, you just rewash. Of course, my family thinks I am nuts but it's okay...we already knew that!
The other day, the boys were playing in their room and they were just so cute with their cloth diapers so I snapped a couple of pics on my phone! Enjoy!

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