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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Noah's 3rd Birthday Party

We decided to have Noah's 3rd birthday party on the 18th since that was the only Sunday we could get the church...but it's all good! Noah & Brianna's birthday's are about 2 weeks apart so we normally give them a joint party. Noah's theme this year was Cookie Monster! Greg and I made his cake.
I always get asked "why don't you just order his/her (depending on which kid they are talking about) cake?" and the answer to that question is because I want to make my kid's cakes. I know it is so special for me to look back and remember all of my homemade birthday cakes my Mimi & my Nanny made me...and I think I can even remember my mom baking me one when I was a little girl somewhere in there. I bake my kid's birthday cakes with love (I know, sounds so corny, but its true) and when they grow up, I want them to remember that. So Greg baked the cake, and I decorated...2 round chocolate cakes with cookies n' cream center, decorated with blue icing and chocolate chip cookies!
So anywho, my cousins, Nicole & Nathon, Clara, and Gina, came. I haven't seen them in a while and I miss them! My friend, Tammy, also brought her little boy, Owen...I haven't seen her since her wedding in 2006! We have been friends since I was about 3!
Noah had so much fun playing with his cousins! His cake was a hit too! After we opened gifts, we took the kids outside and let them make wishes and then release their balloons. My Momma-Sherry also released a balloon in memory of my Nanny Annie...I miss her!

Noah blowing out his candle

My Beautiful 6 year old niece, Brianna

Noah opening up his soccer goal!

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