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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jam LIVE!...Tootie's 3rd Cheer Competition

Jam LIVE! was by far, the most fun cheer competition that Tootie has done! It was right across the street from us (woo hoo!) and when we walked in, you could just feel the excitement Tootie was putting off. There was a red carpet set up and a little area for the girls to pose with lights that went off like cameras. When you walked in, there was this huge stage with the LIVE! Leader Lounge...It was just cool! I came prepared this time with my Extreme Supreme t-shirt with the button that shows my daughter's cheer pic (yeah, I'm one of THOSE moms!), and I made a sign this time!
Tootie was hilarious as usual...during their final practices at the competition before they went on stage, she couldn't do her Coach Cheryl got down on the "Chloe level" and said "Ok, Sister...I NEED you to land this. Do you think ya can?"...Tootie's response "Sure Coach Cheryl, I got this!".
Sure enough, our girls kicked major teeny, tiny cheer booty! All of the girls did what they were supposed to do, even with a last minute change to the routine the Thursday before (darned flu took 1 of our girls out!). Best of all...Chloe did her stunt like a pro!
The Sparklers competed against a set score of 3.0...their score...a 4.7!
Congrats to our Sr. Hip Hop Dance team who rocked it out and had 1 of the highest scores there...even beating out some of the All-Star squads!
Congrats to our cheer sister, Azaria, who cheers for the FAME All-stars of Va Beach, they also won their division!

Chloe & Zarie...Cheer Sisters from 2 different squads, both champions!

This is 1 of my favorite pics...Chloe and Zarie...Cheer Sisters, representing 2 different squads!

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