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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was awesome...I had my husband home. Last year, he was deployed to Kuwait. We also decided to start our own traditions since we are moving to SC in July and may not be able to make it back "home" to my hometown of Emporia next December.
This year, on Christmas Eve, we headed down to my Mimi's to see everyone and eat some of Mimi's homemade goodies. I made some homemade goodies to bring too...including Reindeer Poo & Peanut Butter Kiss cookies. We opened presents at Mimi's and the headed over to my sister, Kelly's, to do a gift exchange there. We were also excited because Kelly and my brother-in-law, Jesse, had just moved in to their new home, which is absolutely beautiful!
Then after that, we packed up and headed back home to Va Beach to have Christmas morning with our children at home.
Chloe wasn't sure whether or not Santa was coming because we had told her that the elves were on strike because Santa couldn't pay them. She was satisfied with that theory...we have decided to teach our children about the real meaning of Christmas, Jesus Christ. But, we can't really tell a 4 year old that Santa's not real because our 4 year old would tell everyone...including kids whose parents didn't want them to know that yet!
Chloe was very excited to see that Santa did leave 1 gift for her and her brothers and even proclaimed "Look Mom, we were good enough to get 1 present!"
Greg read Chloe the Christmas story of Jesus birth in the morning of Christmas Eve...we caught her giving her own version to her brother, Noah. She had her Daddy's Bible open like she was reading. Such a beautiful, precious moment to catch.

Check out the slideshow...lots of cute pics!

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