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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I lost sight...

of the important things in my life. I normally post about the kids and the different things in their lives, but never about myself or what I'm feeling.
I am so sad to say this but I have lost my way...and I need to get back on the right path with Christ. My faith has never faltered and I have never stopped loving Christ but I have allowed some not very Christ-like things enter my life here lately. I haven't been to church in a while, I have thought some very ugly things, and said some very ugly words. My prayers lately have been about me and what I want, and not God's will.
I finally broke down and realized this today...I have surrounded myself with things that the enemy has given me. How can I be a good role model and leader for my kids if they see me doing this or saying the ugly things that I have said? Truth be told, I can't.
I love Christ will everything that I am and I know that He knows what is good for me. He has my heart and my soul and only He, with his glory, and with his infinite wisdom can help me. I just love Him soooo much. Christ died for me...HE DIED FOR ME...before I was even thought of. That is the ultimate LOVE.
So, I need to get myself straightened out...and that's just it.

Well, here's an update on me...


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