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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mr. Moose and his Dr's Appointment, Day 3

Moose went to his Dr's appointment this morning. He's been so much, he's very famous with the Dr's and nurses in family practice! They know when he's feeling better, he has a temper when you undress him and today, he paid me and the nurse back for weighing him...he 1st attempted to pee on us which he did not succeed at since I was in the middle of putting his diaper back on and then he spit up on my shoulder and down my back. He got mad and kicked the nurse...very strong lil man for only 5 weeks old! Moose has only lost 2 ounces from yesterday so nothing too significant.
His pediatrician saw him and immediately noticed that he was very feisty today. Moose screamed at her when she checked his ears and mouth. We are going to switch his formula to soy until Tuesday to see if it makes a difference since he has already been switched to the gentle formula. If it gets better, then we will know that Moose is lactose intolerant (just like his big sister!), and if things don't improve or they get worse, then we will know that it is something else.

Here another shot of Moose's Daily Dose of Cuteness...

He was a cowboy when he went to the Dr today!

Moose and the Pyloric Stenosis Monster...

Moose has been having some issues with his digestive system. When he was 3 weeks old, he ended up in the hospital for a fever and it was determined he had a gastro intestinal bug. A couple of days ago, he started getting sick again, so Greg made him an appointment with family practice. He saw 2 dr's that he hasn't seen before since his pediatrician was still on Christmas vacation. The same symptoms keep popping up every time that he gets sick...constipation, fussiness, refusal to eat, and this time projectile vomiting. When he was a week old, I had mentioned to his pediatrician that the normal formula was making him fussy and he was having issues with pooping. She had me switch his formula to the gentle formula. Unfortunately, it's still not working. This time, the Dr's that he saw came to 2 conclusions...another gastro intestinal bug or pyloric stenosis.
Pyloric stenosis is when the ending to the stomach is too small so every thing backs up (which could cause the projectile vomiting and constipation).
We saw his pediatrician yesterday and she thinks its just a bug, but if this happens again, then we know its something more. We find it a wee bit strange that Moose would have 2 gastro intestinal viruses within 2 weeks. His sister has been out of school for break and Greg was out of work on vacation for a week and no one else has a bug here. Sooo, after spending the last 2 days at family practice and running a poop sample back to the lab, we are headed back again today...this time for a weight check. We gotta make sure that Mr. Moose is getting what he needs and not getting dehydrated so he can grow.
So we are praying that this is just a freak thing that he has 2 bugs in 2 weeks and not pyloric stenosis since the way to fix that is surgery.

WIth that, I will leave this post with...
Mr. Moose's Daily Dose of Cuteness
This was Moose when we got home from his Dr's appointment yesterday

Chloe's 1st sleepover

Chloe went to her very 1st sleepover on 26 Dec 11 for her best friend, Lynn's, birthday. Chloe and Lynn met last year in kindergarten and then they also had dance together. Lynn's mom facebooked me on Christmas Eve and asked if I could bring Chloe over to surprise Lynn. They don't have the same class this year for 1st grade and Chloe was a little bummed about that. So, I ran Chloe over to Lynn's house and she got to surprise Lynn for her birthday! I picked her up on Tuesday around lunch time and when I got there, the girls were all decked out in their dress up outfits playing the Wii. Chloe informed me that she had pancakes (the best pancakes she's ever had as she puts it, lol) for breakfast...she also said "They made grits too but I am not eating no grits!"

Here's a pic I snapped of Chloe getting ready to go over to Lynn's house...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy 5 week Birthday Baby Moose!

December 26th was Baby Moose's 5 week birthday and since I love taking pics I thought I would share some!

My 21 inch Big Boy at 5 weeks old

The cutest baby slippers ever

My Baby Burrito...Snug As A Bug In A Rug

Monday, December 26, 2011

Moose's 1st hospital stay 12/16-12/18

Mr. Moose started getting fussy last week and not feeling well...I thought it was maybe from constipation since the pediatrician had us switch formula or maybe, just maybe he was colicky. On December 16th, when we woke up to get Chloe ready for school, he was extra fussy and felt a little feverish so I called Greg at work and told him that as soon as I got Chloe to school, we were headed for the naval hospital ER. When we got there, his temperature was up to 101 degrees so they rushed us over to Beaufort Memorial's ER since the naval hospital isn't really equipped for newborns. Once we got there, they took several tubes of blood via heel stick, got an iv going, did a spinal tap (which totally relieved the constipation...all over the Dr, nurses, and bed!), got a poop sample...I think that was all. Then we got sent to pediatrics and he was pumped full of antibiotics and pooped non stop! It was determined that he had a gastro intestinal virus. He got better fairly quick thanks to the medicine and the great staff taking care of him at BMH.

Chloe is growing up!

In November, my sweet Chloe lost her very 1st baby tooth...I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time! Laugh because of the excitement and cry because it seems like yesterday she was Gabriel's size. It's time to face the fact that my baby girl is now a little girl and she's growing up whether I like it or not! She will be going to her first non-family sleepover tomorrow for her best friend, Lynn's, birthday.
In the last couple of months, Chloe has also had a Thanksgiving program, a bell choir Christmas concert, and a Christmas program at school. I am her class mom and I got to help with planning her Christmas party (though Greg had to fill in since Gabriel was admitted in to the hospital, another blog post!). She also rode in 2 parades...the Ridgeland Christmas parade with her fellow Cinderella sisters and the Beaufort Christmas parade with her dance studio. She is such a little socialite!

Chloe's Christmas Program at School

Chloe's Bell Choir Christmas Concert

Chloe at her Thanksgiving program at school

Chloe's baby tooth

Chloe's snaggletooth smile

Chloe with the Beaufort Academy of Dance in the Christmas Parade

Chloe...2011 Walterboro Overall Cinderella Tot Miss

Chloe and her Cinderella sisters in the Ridgeland Christmas Parade

Moose...1 month old

Baby Moose came home on November 23rd, 2011, the day before Thanksgiving. We spend the day cuddling away and bonding. Though he's only been on earth and out of the womb for a little over 1 month, he's already developed such a wonderful little personality. He's a cuddler. He loves to snuggle. He's a genuinely happy and loving baby with the only time he cries being when he's hungry or needing a diaper change and sometimes even then, its the softest little noise. He does have a temper (must be the Irish in him!) when he's mad but that's usually not very often. He loves to be talked to and loves his stuffed animals...he coos at them (which is kind of funny!). He has an AMAZING bond with Noah. Noah will sit and just talk away to him and he will just stare at Noah with the prettiest little twinkle in his eye...almost like he's smiling with his eyes instead of his mouth. He's such a beautiful little person!!

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2011 Cinderella Christmas Pageant

On December 11th, Chloe competed in the Cinderella Christmas Pageant. She decided she wanted to compete full glitz and she ROCKED the stage like I have never seen her do it before! She won Christmas wear in her age division (a proud victory for Mommy because I was up at 3 am making her Christmas wear!) and then won the 4-Up Overall Supreme (she had the highest scores from ages 4-up)! Goooo Tootie! Way to Rock it Baby Girl!

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Professional Pics of Baby Moose

While at the hospital, Amy from Bella Baby Photography stopped by to take some photos. I thought they were going to be the same old photos that we got with Chloe where the nurses take the pics and they aren't very good pics, but nope, we were highly impressed and the photos turned out BEAUTIFUL!

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On November 21st, I gave birth to a precious, beautiful, very big boy, lovingly nicknamed "Moose" by the Dr & nurses that delivered him. His real name is Gabriel and he weighed in at a whopping 9lbs, 10oz, was 19.5 inches long, with a 14 3/4 inch head circumference.
My Dr's decided to induce me early (though I think the due date was off) because of my diabetes...can you imagine how much Baby Moose would have weighed if I had delivered him later than the 21st??? The 3 weeks leading up to inducement was full of twice a week non stress tests, checking my sugar levels, and my weight.
I got to the hospital at 5am on November 21st to be induced. From 5 until about 6, the nurses got me comfortable, talked to me, had me sign all kinds of forms, and all that happy jazz. They started my pitocin at about 6-ish. When I got to the hospital, I was already dilated to 4 and had been for a couple of weeks. The pitocin did when my Dr came in to check on me at 7am, he broke my water. Immediately, contractions hit back to back and didn't let up. I screamed and begged for an epidural and about 10 minutes later, I got one...that FAILED. At approximately 8am, I yelled for the nurse because I knew Gabriel was coming. The nurse came in and checked and sure enough it was time. My Dr came in and the 1 thing I remember hearing was "Holy crap, that's a big head!". My body began to just push, I couldn't control it. The Dr and nurses kept telling me "Push, Rebecca, Push" and it felt like my body was but nothing was happening. Baby Moose had gotten stuck. He ended up having posterior & anterior shoulder dystocia, as well as full body dystocia...yep, he got stuck 3 different times. But, then by the grace of God, he was and sound at 8:58am. It took him a few seconds to cry but when he finally did, I knew he was okay. He was a little blue for a few hours since he was pretty bruised from his very eventful journey in to this world.

So, I've been asked a few times, why the name Gabriel. Gabriel means "God is my might", "able-bodied one of God", "strong man of God". The angel, Gabriel, was a messenger of God and foretold of Christ's birth as well as John the Baptist (Luke chapter 1). In the Bible, it states that he was able to stand in God's presence ("And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings." Luke 1:19). I want to raise my son as all these things...I want him to grow in to a man of God, a man who has a strong faith in God, a messenger of God. He is already my little messenger of God because I believe that God sent him just in time to save me, mentally and physically. Without him, my diabetes would have not have been found in time, nor would my severe anemia. He, along with my other 3 babies, give me that reason to get out of bed on days when I am my own worst enemy.
The name was inspired by my beautiful friend, Nikki, who lost her baby girl, Gabrielle, last year and I wanted to do something to honor Nikki as well as sweet Gabrielle.
The third reason for his name...well, we all know I am a sucker for good movies (Noah's name came from The Notebook) and I LOVE "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger. Heath Ledger played a good hearted and loyal character named "Gabriel" in The Patriot. So, there ya go...that's where the name Gabriel came from.
His middle names, Bryant and Andrew, are both family names. Bryant is my great grandmother's maiden name. I am told often that I look, act, and talk just like her and my Mimi tells me all the time that I have her sense of what better way to honor her name than to give my sweet Gabriel her maiden name as his middle name. His second middle name, Andrew, is after my brother-in-law, Andy. Andy and I are so much a like that we fight, a lot, but through it all, he'll tell me when I'm wrong, praise me when I'm right and there has never been a time when I asked him to do something that he hasn't done it. Even on days when we can't stand each other, if I ask him to help me do anything, he is always right there.
Next question I get asked alot...How do the other kids like their new baby brother?
Well, Chloe loves him but to her, he's another brother...she's a pro and has done this twice before. Noah is in love with him and thinks he is the most awesomest (his words) baby brother in the world and Eli...well, Eli has his good days and bad days. At the hospital when Eli realized that I had to stay with Moose, he looked at Greg and said "I don't like him, put him back!". After we got home, Eli warmed up quite a bit and loves to be "Mommy's helper".
Here are some pics of Gabriel from his birth...

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