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Monday, December 26, 2011

Moose's 1st hospital stay 12/16-12/18

Mr. Moose started getting fussy last week and not feeling well...I thought it was maybe from constipation since the pediatrician had us switch formula or maybe, just maybe he was colicky. On December 16th, when we woke up to get Chloe ready for school, he was extra fussy and felt a little feverish so I called Greg at work and told him that as soon as I got Chloe to school, we were headed for the naval hospital ER. When we got there, his temperature was up to 101 degrees so they rushed us over to Beaufort Memorial's ER since the naval hospital isn't really equipped for newborns. Once we got there, they took several tubes of blood via heel stick, got an iv going, did a spinal tap (which totally relieved the constipation...all over the Dr, nurses, and bed!), got a poop sample...I think that was all. Then we got sent to pediatrics and he was pumped full of antibiotics and pooped non stop! It was determined that he had a gastro intestinal virus. He got better fairly quick thanks to the medicine and the great staff taking care of him at BMH.

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