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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mr. Moose and his Dr's Appointment, Day 3

Moose went to his Dr's appointment this morning. He's been so much, he's very famous with the Dr's and nurses in family practice! They know when he's feeling better, he has a temper when you undress him and today, he paid me and the nurse back for weighing him...he 1st attempted to pee on us which he did not succeed at since I was in the middle of putting his diaper back on and then he spit up on my shoulder and down my back. He got mad and kicked the nurse...very strong lil man for only 5 weeks old! Moose has only lost 2 ounces from yesterday so nothing too significant.
His pediatrician saw him and immediately noticed that he was very feisty today. Moose screamed at her when she checked his ears and mouth. We are going to switch his formula to soy until Tuesday to see if it makes a difference since he has already been switched to the gentle formula. If it gets better, then we will know that Moose is lactose intolerant (just like his big sister!), and if things don't improve or they get worse, then we will know that it is something else.

Here another shot of Moose's Daily Dose of Cuteness...

He was a cowboy when he went to the Dr today!

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