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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moose and the Pyloric Stenosis Monster...

Moose has been having some issues with his digestive system. When he was 3 weeks old, he ended up in the hospital for a fever and it was determined he had a gastro intestinal bug. A couple of days ago, he started getting sick again, so Greg made him an appointment with family practice. He saw 2 dr's that he hasn't seen before since his pediatrician was still on Christmas vacation. The same symptoms keep popping up every time that he gets sick...constipation, fussiness, refusal to eat, and this time projectile vomiting. When he was a week old, I had mentioned to his pediatrician that the normal formula was making him fussy and he was having issues with pooping. She had me switch his formula to the gentle formula. Unfortunately, it's still not working. This time, the Dr's that he saw came to 2 conclusions...another gastro intestinal bug or pyloric stenosis.
Pyloric stenosis is when the ending to the stomach is too small so every thing backs up (which could cause the projectile vomiting and constipation).
We saw his pediatrician yesterday and she thinks its just a bug, but if this happens again, then we know its something more. We find it a wee bit strange that Moose would have 2 gastro intestinal viruses within 2 weeks. His sister has been out of school for break and Greg was out of work on vacation for a week and no one else has a bug here. Sooo, after spending the last 2 days at family practice and running a poop sample back to the lab, we are headed back again today...this time for a weight check. We gotta make sure that Mr. Moose is getting what he needs and not getting dehydrated so he can grow.
So we are praying that this is just a freak thing that he has 2 bugs in 2 weeks and not pyloric stenosis since the way to fix that is surgery.

WIth that, I will leave this post with...
Mr. Moose's Daily Dose of Cuteness
This was Moose when we got home from his Dr's appointment yesterday

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