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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's Going On In The Magness Household Today...

Tonight, Chloe has cheerleading. They are preparing for their US Finals at the end of April in VA Beach. I am also watching Chloe's friend, Chiara, who is also on her squad. They are behaving so good!
Greg went this morning and had the glass in his SUV replaced...the 2nd windshield in a year! He also had to get an inspection done. Then he came home and we have been cleaning ever since...I steam cleaned the carpet in the living room and dining area...whoever put carpet where you are supposed eat has lost their minds! I also mopped the kitchen floor while he cleaned our guest bathroom and master bathroom. I cleaned Chloe's and the boys room. Now, I just have to steam clean the boy's carpet in their room...Lil' Stinkers! Greg is supposed to be cleaning our bedroom in a little bit. I am washing all the laundry with our washer and then he is running it down to the apartment's guest suite to get dried since our dryer decided to die a couple of days ago!
Edward and Snickers are behaving like the good furbabies that they are...the boys on the other hand are in their high chairs eating their snack. Noah found their Easter baskets and keeps stealing candy out of them. Eli is just being super cute today...we did find out that he is terrified of the vacuum and as long as someone is holding him, he's fine.

I have also been house hunting for SC...and I found my dream house in the right price range right by the Naval hospital! The only's available now and we need it in July! Not cool! Greg called on it anyways just to see if the lady would work with us if we put a deposit down, which is what I am praying for. That would be so nice and such a blessing!
I'll keep praying and I know that God will put us where he needs us to be!

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  1. my mom has carpet in her dinning room and its cream color, HELLLLOOOO people you eat there, i guess this is something no one will ever understand, LOL!!