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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cheer & Dance Extreme

Chloe and her cheer squad, the Extreme Supreme Sparklers, headed to Richmond on February 21st to compete in the Cheer & Dance Extreme competition. Greg, Chloe, Noah, Eli, my friend, CJ, and I headed up on the 20th to stay at the Embassy Suites. We met my sister, Punky, and my niece, Bri at the hotel. We took the kids swimming, enjoyed each other's company....My sister and I laughed and laughed until the wee hours of the morning....something we both really needed.
On the 21st, I got everyone up so I could our favorite little cheerleader ready to go cheer!
We ate breakfast at the hotel and then met my Dad, Momma Sherry, my sisters, Katie and Kelly, and our friend, Nikki at the competition.
Chloe was so excited that everyone came to see her cheer.
The Sparklers took 1st and rocked! Chloe did her stunt like a pro!

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  1. Awesome pics...she always does so well!! Still wish I could have gone!