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Monday, October 4, 2010

Pageants, Pageants, & More Pageants...

We have figured out that South Carolina pageants are much more different that VA pageants...Even the natural ones. In VA, the natural pageants like Sunday style dresses or babydoll dresses, no tans, minimal makeup, no fake hair. Down here, they want high glitz dresses but none of the other stuff. Well, Miss Chloe has a baby doll dress that we have gotten our money's worth out of. I bought it in November 2008 and it is still going strong! She will not be getting a new dress until January!
We have also started taking her to a really known pageant coach to help her bring out her personality on stage...she loves her coach!
Chloe wanted to do the Yemassee Shrimp Festival pageant on September 11th, so we said "Go For It Tootie!"...She didn't do too bad for having never competed on a stage set up the way that it was. She won Photogenic (FINALLY!), and placed 3rd runner up in beauty...not too shabby for a group of 10 girls. Her favorite part of the day was playing with her friend Chyna. Chyna was her "1st pageant friend" that she met in SC.
On October 2nd, she competed in Beaufort, SC at the Pretty In Pink pageant. She had a cold and was having nosebleeds left and right but she still wanted to compete, so we let her. She won Pretty In Pink wear and placed 1st runner up in Beauty.
Needless to say, we are soooo incredibly proud of her. She has accomplished so much for being 5 years old. A lot of people bash beauty pageants and say ugly things, but I know for my 5 year old, pageants have build a determination & drive that she wouldn't have otherwise.

Chloe's upcoming pageants possibly include the Support A Veteran pageant and Little Miss Hilton Head, both in November. The Support A Veteran pageant is being held by a dear little girl, Erin, who has a HUGE heart. All of the proceeds go to Victory House which is a nursing home for Veterans. Chloe is collecting donations for "Soldier Sweetheart", with all proceeds going to Victory House. If you would like to help Chloe, please email me at

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