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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kindergarten...It's that time!

Tootie started kindergarten on August 16th...I was really good though. I didn't cry until I dropped her off at her classroom! The first week went by pretty good, she got all smiley faces, though she did get in trouble for yelling at her teacher. The 2nd week was ok but I wrote a note and had a parent/teacher conference set up. Tootie has managed to get in trouble almost every day for TALKING! Which we all knew she loves to talk, I just didn't realize she couldn't be quiet for very long! This 3rd week was ok...though she got a yellow face for jumping on a little boy twice and then pulling another little boy's arm over an eraser.
Yeah, you can say she was in BIG TROUBLE when she got home.
I am hoping this next week goes a lot better. Her teacher told us that Tootie needs a big adjustment period because she is the youngest in her class with just turning 5 on August 24th. She is extremely smart, but really immature compared to the rest of the class. Which we already knew this since the rest of her class are 5 going on 6 during this school year.
We know that she'll succeed though! I know that I have a bright, smart girl!

Chloe getting ready for her very 1st day of school

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