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Monday, June 11, 2012

Grow, Monkeys, Grow!

The Monkeys are growing like crazy... Chloe just finished out 1st grade with a 4.0 gpa. She made the Principal's List all 4 quarters. She also received an award for having some of the highest MAP scores in her class. She had her dance recital with Beaufort Academy of Dance last Saturday. I made a collage of her recitals starting from her 1st until now. My baby dancer is becoming a beautiful ballerina. She has competed in several pageants...she competed in Tiny Miss of America in March. She placed 1st runner up in talent, made the top 5, and then placed 3rd runner up in gown. The Miss Hell Hole Festival Pageant was in April (yes that's a real festival in Jamestown, SC!) and she placed 1st runner up. She competed at The Watermelon Festival Pageant in May and won Melon wear and placed 3rd alternate. I'm very proud of my girl. Noah turned 5 on April 25th. He's my shy, quiet gentleman. He loves to play in the dirt, play soccer, and ride his bike. He is Chloe's biggest cheerleader. For his birthday, he had a Batman birthday party and I invited my friend, Christine, and her girls, Abbey, and Bailey, over and we had pizza and cake. He got all kinds of goodies...a Batman chair, a bike, a bike helmet, clothes, Batman PJ's...he had a blast! Eli...well Eli is a true MONKEY! He CLIMBS EVERYTHING!!! He is the child that sneaks out of the house and gives me a heart attack. He is the child that jumps from his sister's loft bed on to her ceiling fan and broke one of the fan blades off. He paints my bathroom and carpet and walls with fingernail polish. He drew all over his sister's new loft bed with black permanent marker. But, he's MY monkey and he makes me happy and he makes me smile. He loves to walk up to me and say "I want you Mommy. I love you". He gives this smile that only he can give with the little twinkle in his eye that makes my heart swell up with joy even though I will be scrubbing fingernail polish off my walls for several hours. He will be turning 4 in August. We are currently attempting to potty train and we are making progress. He now pee pees in the potty and is in underwear full time! My Sweet Gabriel is now 6 months and 3 weeks old. He is finally growing! We ended up seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist in Savannah, GA. He was diagnosed as failure to thrive due to esophageal reflux. At his 6 month appointment, he weighed in at a hefty 17lbs 1oz and was 26 inches long. He's a chunk-a-butt! He loves his jumperoo and he loves to babble and smile. He said his first word "Da Da" on May 19th to his dad, perfect and precious! I still call him "Moose" as well as his brothers and sister. He loves to cuddle and snuggle and gives big sloppy kisses...but they are the best!

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