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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Universal Beauties VA State Pageant...Chloe Rocked!

On May 23rd, Chloe competed in the UBB VA State Pageant in Richmond, VA. Chloe & I drove up from VA Beach on the 22nd and stayed with my best friend, Melissa and Chloe's best friend, Savanna. We have known Mel & Vanna for 2 years now and Mel is like a sister to me! Savanna is this sweet, beautiful, precocious 2 year old that you just fall in love with!
Anywho, my friends, Sheree & Mark came to visit us at the hotel with Alia. We did a little last minute pageant shopping in Colonial Heights...I had to buy Chloe shoes to match her casual wear since her's mysteriously disappeared from the apartment.
Mel is a saint! She decorated Chloe's shoes & fixed her casual wear for me (it was too big)!
My grandmother handmade Chloe's casual wear for me at the last minute and it turned out adorable and matched Chloe's personality perfect!!
Well, we got up the next morning, I rolled Chloe's hair and got her to Ms. Dawn, her hair and makeup artist. We rushed on over to the hotel and the nerves hit!!
Well, Miss Chloe got up there and ROCKED IT OUT!!!! I was a proud momma!!!
She won her age division and is UBB's Va Natural Tiny Miss Winner!!!! When they crowned her, I bawled like a baby and so did Melissa! Savanna Rocked it too and won Natural Grand Supreme!!!

Now we are preparing for Nationals in March 2011!!!!

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